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Glasimage are Glasgow(Scotland) and Munich(Germany) based, although we can travel and be virtually anywhere for work.

Our personal photos have no theme at their core mainly, although occasionally they can be seen or work as a set.  We try not to be contrived, but in doing so, sometimes we become so.

Staying in Glasgow makes us think that there is always a little bit of anarchy just under the surface, and we’ve been trying to capture it in photos for years but haven’t quite gotten there yet!  When people are uncomfortable in Glasgow with anything, they aren’t scared to let you know it,  so we’ll keep trying

Hopefully this doesn’t sound pretentious or make us feel like you can’t approach us.

We shoot music and promotional photography. Food photography. Architectural photography.  Portrait photography. Wedding photography. We’ll take onboard any kind of job too. We also shoot Google 360 Tours for businesses and contract through more than one photography agent.

For any Google related or commercial work please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We’ll  always endeavour to work around what you can afford to pay and we’re happy to take on new and different jobs.

CONTACT US : glasimage@me.com/glasimage@gmail.com

When we get the time we update our instagram page so this likely won’t always reflect our most recent work


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