Alistair Gray

Having met Alistair Gray many times over the years, I am no stranger to his odd but fascinating mutterings. I managed to grab quite a few close up semi decent shots of him. We had a chat about an Irish woolen jumper which had large enough pockets to store considerable quantities of corned beef. Couldn’t help but laugh


Douglas Carrel Illustrator/Sculptor/Artist

I recently got the chance to get some personal photos of Douglas in his home studio.  I love his work and over the years he has became a friend who shares many interests with me. He made me feel very comfortable over the couple of hours I was there and we spoke about a great many things.  These are just some of the shots of Douglas and his studio.

You can see some of Douglas’s work here

If you google his name, you’ll see a great many items of his work.

TOOLS: B+W filter attached to a 50mm portrait lens, and also wider shots taken with a 15mm wide with B+W filter.