Glasgow on the launch of the Commonwealth Games

Glasgow proudly hosts the Commonwealth Games and temperature is just perfect for it. It’s rare that you’ll see so many happy faces but on this day there were so many I couldn’t capture enough of them.  Better than taking generic photos of athletes I thought it made sense to show how vibrant and happy the city was in  a few photos

glasgow commonwealth launch 316 glasgow commonwealth launch 317 glasgow commonwealth launch 318 glasgow commonwealth launch 319 glasgow commonwealth launch 320 glasgow commonwealth launch 321 glasgow commonwealth launch 322 glasgow commonwealth launch 323 glasgow commonwealth launch 324 glasgow commonwealth launch 325 glasgow commonwealth launch 326 glasgow commonwealth launch 327 glasgow commonwealth launch 328 glasgow commonwealth launch 329 glasgow commonwealth launch 330

The friendly Romani of Hungary


Of all the people I’ve taken photos of in and around Hungary, the Roma are by far the most friendly. The first two friends in these photos are both musicians and they are both very proud and articulate men.  On an afternoon when the sun was very warm, they were both enjoying a nice cold beer and a talk.                                                                                                             The district I shot these photos in is considered by many to be a ghetto. I’ll be honest here and say that this area of Budapest appeals more to me in terms of its variety of colourful characters than that of the main downtown districts.                                                                        The people here seem to be more real and have a true community spirit, and they could not be more friendly to strangers. I can’t say the same applies for some of the more upmarket areas in Budapest, as quite often people there seem to be more fearful looking and a hell of a lot more distant and self absorbed.


Josef showing me pictures of gigs that he’s done in a few different parts of the world

gypsy double bass player 239



Proud and with dignity


Well dressed and well spoken

two best friends  240

Two friends together again after all the years they spent apart

two best friends 2 241






The two men below are both mushroom pickers and considered to be vagabonds.                      I encountered them in rural Hungary in a massive woodland area that resembled something out of The Lord Of The Rings.  With the light not being so great and not having anything but natural light, I only ended up with a few shots.

comparing mushrooms 209

Freshly picked

mushroom pickers 208

Mushroom chat

mushroom pickers in country 210

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