People of Budapest in and around Budapest and me being a pest

I spend lots of time walking around different areas of Budapest, sometimes 3/4 times a year.  I’m not brave enough to get some of the photos that I truly want to take, and this is purely because it can be a hassle for people when they are on the end of a lens but do not want to be.  These are just a few of the 1000 images I’ve taken recently on the streets of Budapest.

  tram snooze 225

Two of the more colourful characters of Budapest


tram arm 226

Many folk sleep by day and are active by night

totally sleeping 215

Some folk there can be truly rude but have a sobering effect upon you


In the financial district a man takes a photo of what might be his next watch purchase

that one  222

I got loads of photos of this older lady giving a younger man instruction on how to wash windows 

teaching her 231

Sleep by day

street sleep 228

A stern faced nun chats with an elegant senior citizen

mother theresa 223

Time for another snooze

nearly sleeping  214

and again

nowhere to sleep 216

on the move with all his worldly goods

off to find a bed 217

a man who stared at me while I walked by him at speed


A phone call home?

phonebox 212

Making a home at an abandoned building

place hang 229

A not so flattering self portrait

SELF 237

A very cool young boy with the most amazing colours of skin and hair

most amazing kid 213

The colours of this phone box echoed in a woman on the other side of it

matching colours 219

If you look at the full high-res image here you’ll see that the woman on the bottom is actually giving me a not so friendly look

looking at me 221

Liverpudlian man who went to school with John Lennon and remained friends with him up until his death in 1980

john pennons friend 233

A portrait of a young man on Kiraly Utca


Many dogs look like their owners in Budapest

alike 218

Spanners and side streets

below 220

Taking a break

break 224

Down the rabbit hole

down there  234

Further down the rabbit hole

down there 2 235

A portrait of a young stylish woman

girl with cig 230

A cooler than cool guy

hair  227

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