I wish I could have more …

I wish I could have more time to take the kind of photos I like. Sometimes I see faces or shapes in things that I think I would like to shoot, but more often than not I don’t have the time to wait and compose. Tomorrow I am going to spend my day looking at bric a brack shops in and around Glasgow. I will hopefully get some shots then.

nothing to photograph

Glasgow city centre in pissing rain




Glasgow city centre


Ok Mrs, look away if you like


No dog fouling in Lenzie


dog interested in me for some reason

Swastika on Glasgow bus stop in Lenzie

5 strikes then out

Preacher does gods good work Madonna style

These people scare me.  At one point he looked at me when I was attempting a photo and his look wasn’t that of a friendly person in anyway.  At one point I though he was going to clasp me over the head with that massive bible.  Thank GOD he didn’t 🙂



Just round the corner people of an entirely different faith sit gazing down the street towards, but not at. the Christian preacher.


Care home Garnethill


Market trader The Barras


younger brother reflected




Last remnants of The Barras slowly fading away

Nikolett Barra

One of my partner Niki’s pantings from nearly 5 years back.  ITs hard not to the see the Eastern Europeaness of it. 

I really respect and love this painting.Image

West End Closes and Tenements

Had a walk around the West End with freelance journalist Andrew Davies Cole checking out some vintage shops en route





Glasgow Art School

Not quite a west end close but a beautiful Glasgow stairwell.

A scene from the 1972 Jamaican crime film The Harder They Come recreated in the more calm surround of Hyndland in Glasgow

Foxes in the day light not scared of people. surely this can’t be a good thing to be so confident?

Last days of Red Road

I recently took some photos of the Red Road flats.   I took two cameras with me and shot them from many different angles.  When we approached the first three building flat, we came across kids playing just in front of it upon spare ground.  We learned that two of them were brothers and had came to Glasgow from Baghdad just after the American bombing of the city.  We then learned that the third boy had came only recently from Libya with his family.  Upon me asking what they all thought of Glasgow and their new homes,  one of them replied to me saying he thought it was a beautiful place.  I couldn’t help but feel sad.  There he was on a piece of spare ground in the middle of these decaying monstrous structures and he was commenting on the beauty of the place.   These are just a handful of the photos I took that day. 


Alistair Gray

Having met Alistair Gray many times over the years, I am no stranger to his odd but fascinating mutterings. I managed to grab quite a few close up semi decent shots of him. We had a chat about an Irish woolen jumper which had large enough pockets to store considerable quantities of corned beef. Couldn’t help but laugh


Douglas Carrel Illustrator/Sculptor/Artist

I recently got the chance to get some personal photos of Douglas in his home studio.  I love his work and over the years he has became a friend who shares many interests with me. He made me feel very comfortable over the couple of hours I was there and we spoke about a great many things.  These are just some of the shots of Douglas and his studio.

You can see some of Douglas’s work here   http://www.hollywoodcomics.com/carrelart1.html

If you google his name, you’ll see a great many items of his work.

TOOLS: B+W filter attached to a 50mm portrait lens, and also wider shots taken with a 15mm wide with B+W filter.